Did Sofia Vergara Get Rejected From Sports Bar?

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Sofia Vergara is a spitfire and she does not like to be rejected, which is why she threw a fit when she was turn away from sports bar. The Parlor Hollywood as it was filled to capacity.Vergara argued with the bouncer, asking him if he knew who she was and then her friend she was meeting at the bar also argued with the bouncer. Uhh Oh, she later called the bar  the“worst sports bar in L.A.”

On Sunday, Sofía made her way to The Parlor Hollywood, where she was meeting up with a group of friends. However, the bar was filled to capacity with a line outside and a bouncer denied the actress access.

And that’s when Sofía lost it…

According to a source that witnessed the scene, she blew up on the bouncer, pulling a classic celebrity card, yelling, “Do you know who I am?”

A male friend in the party that she was meeting came out to meet Sofía at the door. When he heard that she was not allowed to come inside, he blew too, assisting the Colombian diva with laying into the bouncer.

Frustrated, Sofía retreated but continued her rant on Twitter, further dissing the establishment, calling it the “worst sports bar in L.A.”

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