Suzanne Somers’ Fountain of Youth

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I plan on aging gracefully. I would love to look youthful for the rest of my life but I know that’s impossible (unless the fountain of youth is finally found). I think that Suzanne Somers, 62, is resisting age at all costs. She was on Oprah recently and revealed how she stays youthful. I think she goes to the extreme. She says menopause hit her hard and for the three years after she was miserable. Until she began using Estrogen and Progesterone (creams), she takes 60 pills a day and she injects Estriol vaginally all to keep her from getting the full effect of menopause…would you go to the extreme to keep aging at bay. Some people do get a bad menopause and some don’t feel a thing.  All these pills, creams and injections are hormone replacements for what her body is lacking, according to Somers. She also exercises and eats healthy but if you remember Somers has always been into fitness…remember the thigh master. That was a big craze in the 90’s or was it the 80’s (I don’t remember).

Would you go to this extreme if you felt that that the hormone imbalance that menopause was creating was unbearable?

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