T3 PRO. Wet-or-Dry iron

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I have really curly hair that I straighten all the time. I have always wanted to buy a wet or dry iron so that I can minimize how many appliances I use (blow dryer and flat iron) and do everything in one step. But I have this scene in my head where the iron scorches my hair and it falls out…so to say I’m scared of the iron. I want to try the iron on wet hair but I feel like I will get frizz. I don’t know at over $100 I don’t know if I want to take the risk and buy an iron that doesn’t work on my hair. Have you tried a wet or dry iron? I want the T3 Tourmaline Wet or Dry Iron. On Sephora.com almost everyone has given the iron a great review. What do you think should I buy it?


Photo from T3

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