Was ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans ‘Set Up’ To Fight For Cash?

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Its seems as though Teen Mom Jenelle Evans may have been ‘set up’…by a friend, Brittany (the pusher in the video)…to fight the girl, Britany (was beat up)in the TMZ video Britney so the fight could be filmed and then sold…without her knowledge! What friends…who would use your stupidity to take advantage of you and make some cash!

According to TMZ,

The lawyer for “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans tells TMZ … his client is the victim of a set up, and money is at the bottom of it all.

Dustin Sullivan, Jenelle’s lawyer, tells us he has a “serious problem” with the fact that Brittany Maggard — the woman who pushed Jenelle before the brawl — and other parties involved were “paid substantially” for pictures and videos related to the incident.

Sullivan says it’s suspicious that cameras were present when Jenelle arrived — indeed, Sullivan says, multiple cameras were present capturing different angles of the impending brawl.

Sullivan is in the process of interviewing witnesses to determine if Britany Truett — the woman who caught the beatdown — pre-programmed the melee.

And, Sullivan says, it’s “highly suspicious” Britany waited five days before calling the cops.

Sullivan says if there’s proof of a set up, he will make that a centerpiece of the case when it goes before a jury.

Photo from MTV

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