Have You Heard of Temple Hair

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Do you ever wonder where “human hair” for extensions or wigs comes from? Well, Allure magazine tells us.  In the recent issue of Allure Magazine (March 2009, Julia Roberts is the cover girl) they have an article named, “The Locks Market” by Katherine Zoepf. The story is about how some Indian women and men (but the women are the ones with long hair) shave their heads bald to show appreciation and loyalty to their god.  The temple Tirumala collects 500 tons of hair every year and the temple makes over $20 million a year. Many of the women do not know that their hair is sold after it’s shaved. The temple uses part of the money to fund local schools and medical centers which is honorable but these woman don’t know the value of their hair and the yearly per capita income  is $800 (and some extensions can cost upto $3000 in a US salon). It doesn’t seem fair, they could be selling the hair themselves and making some money but the women are very religious and feel that God can do whatever with the hair. Is this fair? I feel like they are being taken advantage of because of their custom.

If you found out you were buying temple hair, would you purchase it?

This is a great read…if you have a chance you should read it. Go out and pick up a copy of the magazine.

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