The PedEgg vs. The Pedi–Expert

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You know the PedEgg commercial…it scrapes your feet to perfection. Well, recently I noticed that there was something on the market that resembles the PedEgg (about $10) a lot and it’s from a big cosmetics company. Can you guess… Times up…lol! Well, it’s Revlon and their version is called the Pedi-Expert ($10). It’s basically the same exact contraption as the PedEgg but its pink and its squarer. I know a lot of companies make similar products and that’s how the market works…there are like a thousand shampoos and conditioners but I just thought it was funny that the PedEgg kinda blew up and now Revlon has their own product.

I tried the PedEgg but I didn’t see really any scrapings since I use a pumice stone on my feet at least 1-2 times a week, but I could see it working if you have flaky feet. I would stick with a pumice because I like the smooth feeling my feet have after I have pumiced them.

Photo from PedEgg and Revlon

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