“The Situation” Thinks He is an Underdog on “Dancing with the Stars”!

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“The Situation” is an underdog on the new season of Dancing with the Stars because he is still filming Jersey Shore and the cast of Dancing will start part soon and he will lose a couple of training days and every day is crucual!  Well he is going to have to make do!

“I’m going to lose a couple days practice,” Sorrentino tells PEOPLE. “But I don’t mind being the underdog. I promise to try my hardest and practice as much as I can and be the best that I can be. I hope the Situation Nation shows up to support me.”
And that includes his beach buddies.

“I have a ticket or two reserved for Pauly D. and Snooki,” says Sorrentino, who was nearly speechless when he was asked to dance in America’s most popular ballroom.
“It’s pretty unbelievable for me to be on one of the biggest shows on MTV to one of the biggest shows on TV,” he says, noting that fans of his beach show need not worry that he’s going to alienate them.

“There’s enough Situation to go around,” he says. “The Situation has mass appeal.”

Do you think Mike is going to do well on the dance floor or will he flop?

Photo from MTV

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