Tiger Wood’s “WannaBe Baby Mama” Wants More DNA!

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Miss Devon James wants more DNA to prove that her son belongs to Tiger Woods but….there was a DNA test that said he was not in the past. She must still have dollar signs in her eyes because she wants more DNA…for a paternity test!

The porn star who claims Tiger Woods is her baby daddy has filed court documents — obtained by TMZ — practically begging for a judge to force Tiger to submit to a DNA test.

Devon James — mistress # 20ish — claims there was a “misunderstanding” when a prior paternity test showed that a man named Pele Watkins was most likely the father to her 9-year-old son.

In the docs, Devon states that she believes Tiger is the real father — and she’s willing to provide information on the time, place and hotel location where the child was conceived to help prove her point.

She’s also willing to name “his golf buddies who were there at the time in Pebble Beach.”

As we first reported, Tiger denies the whole thing … and recently filed papers of his own asking a judge to throw out the entire paternity case.

Just because you slept with Tiger don’t make him the baby daddy!

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