Tim Tebow Denies ‘Thing’ With Katy Perry!

Tim Tebow is super popular these days…he has been linked to Katy Perry, Maria Menunous and Jenny McCarthy but we can strike Katy Perry off this list, Tim denied he had a ‘thing’ with Katy. Katy did seem interested in him…dedicating the song, ‘Peacock’ to him at a recent concert!

According to E! News,

Tebow met with 100 kids at the Challengers Boys & Girls Club in south Los Angeles today, promoting books and reading, along with sharing his struggle with dyslexia since he was a kid.  All very sweet, we know.

But when it came to the question-and-answer portion, one little fan got straight to the point and asked if he “has a thing” with the pop singer. Oooooh!

Tebow laughed and assured all his young and inquisitive friends that he does not, and we wouldn’t like to think that he lies to kids.

Photo from PR Photos