Tori Spelling Talks About Her Weight Issues!

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Tori Spelling is teeny tiny but she is getting tired of getting so much flack for her petite frame. I know she is small but she has always been small. She was the smallest girl on the 90210 cast.

“Its important, I think, just because at this point of my life, I’m a role model for a lot of women, and I have a daughter of my own too, so all this stuff like, ‘She’s too thin, she has an eating disorder,’ its definitely something I want to address, because that’s not what’s going on,” Spelling said.

At that point, Today Show host Ann Curry asked her point blank: “Well, do you have an eating disorder?”

Tori Spelling: ‘I’m Skinny Because Of Swine Flu, Stomach Pain & Migraines’

“I do not, I do not,” Spelling, 37, replied.

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