Trends: Eyebrows are so full this season

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By full I don’t bushy! I have never ever been into thin eyebrows unless your eyebrows are naturally thin. I think that your eyebrows should be neat and full. Brook Shields comes to mind when I think of full beautiful brows. But I am obsessed with Rihanna’s brows. Love them! I think I have mess upped up my brows. They just don’t match. I once read in a mag that brows were like sister not twins. Ummm, I want them to be twins.

A Few Brow Tips

Don’t over tweeze your brows. It just looks unnatural and can make you look older. Make your brows look gorgeous by filling them with a powder or a pencil. I use a pencil that I love by Anastasia. I have done a review before. I also like to highlight the brow bone, to give the arch a boost. Gotta love a great arch!

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