Uh Oh…Hugh Hefner’s Fiancée Crystal May Not Invite All Of Hef’s Exes To The Wedding!

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Hugh Hefner may have a problem on his hands…Crystal Harris his bride to be has not invited Kendra Wilkinson to the wedding because she wants to keep Hef’s exes to a minimum at her wedding. What’s weird about that…well this is Hugh Heffner, Mr Playboy and he says he remains friends with most of his exes. I mean its not like its Holly! Kendra should just go to her

Kendra should bank on attending the alternate wedding since sources close to Hef’s betrothed tell PopEater that Harris is on the fence about whether she wants her big day packed with an audience of women her husband has slept with.

“This is Crystal’s special day, and she doesn’t want all of Hef’s exes there,” a friend says. “What woman would?”

It’s a fair question despite the liberties typically taken in Hugh Hefner’s personal relationships, where he has lived with several girlfriends at once.

This is all very weird…since he has had up to 7 girlfriends at a time…

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