Vanessa Hudgens Plans To Get More Tattoos With Her Mom!

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Vanessa Hudgens plans to get some more tattoos and this time she wants to bring along her mother!! Vanessa has one tattoo and has become obsessed with them recently. She said she was waiting for one of her friends to go so she can tag along and get one too…can’t she just go on her own…lol!

“I will hopefully get more tattoos,” the Sucker Punch star told PEOPLE on Wednesday at the West Hollywood release party of pal Ashley Tisdale‘s DVD, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. “I’m very obsessed recently. I still only have one, but I’m waiting for one of my friends to go get one so that I can come with, and bring my mom and my best friend.” Why would she bring family along for the experience? “My sister is on her way for a piercing, and me and my mom are going to do the tattoos,” she shared. Appearing at the bash with what appeared to be a much shorter do, the actress explained, “I started getting cut crazy, but tonight I just tucked it under because I haven’t had time to do my hair this evening. I think I might have it long soon again though for the music festivals and whatnot. But I think it’s fun. I just love changing my look. I get bored with it being stagnant.” So which style stars does she turn to when she’s ready for a change? “I like looks like Bianca Jagger and looks from the ’60s and ’70s, like classic movie stars,” she said. “Just interesting, cool, eclectic looks.”

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