Victoria’s Secret Adds a New Bombshell to the Roster!

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Victoria’s Secret is know for its beautiful models and now we can add a new Bombshell to the mix…except she is in bottle form! VS knows how to make a beautiful fragrance…they have won awards for smelling like heaven! Can’t wait to have a whiff!!

A remarkable fragrance like Victoria’s Secret Bombshell doesn’t come into existence without imagination and determination. Victoria’s Secret head “Nose,” Mark Knitowski, joined forces with famed fragrance house Givaudan to create this striking and unforgettable scent.

An innovative approach was essential to the creation of the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell fragrance. Because as we experimented with initial formulations, we realized that the only way to make our signature scent as unique and explosive as the Bombshells that inspired it was to create an entirely new fragrance category: Fruity Floral Aromatic.

The scent starts with an effervescent, fruity-floral base: Shangri-la Yellow Peony from China, Purple Passionfruit from the Brazilian jungle and rich Vanilla Orchid. To give the fragrance an unexpected Bombshell twist, we added the unique “headspace” note of Italian Sunstruck Pine, an aromatic note of Ligurian Coast Pine captured at the moment it’s warmed by the afternoon sun.

“Together, the sparkling fruits are balanced by sultry warmth for a fresh sensuality that is confident, sexy, glamorous and ultra-feminine,” says Knitowski. “We designed this fragrance to be instantly memorable, one of a kind. Just like a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell.”

Retails for $45 for 1.7 oz

Check out the new fragrance in stores and online.

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