What…Eva Mendes & Jason Sudekis…Dating?

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This rumor sounds a little fishy…not that they can’t date but isn’t Eva in a long-term relationship with filmmaker,  George Augusto? Eva and Jason were allegedly spotted kissing after the 24 Hour Plays benefit at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica. The duo did an MTV skit for the Moive awards…they spoofed the Hangover 2!

According to the HollywoodLife,

An insider close to the situation tells us both Eva and Jason, 35, were at the 24 Hour Plays benefit at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica Saturday night, June 18. Eva, along with Sophia Bush, Minnie Driver and Twilight‘s Cam Gigandet performed in the play, which raises money for Urban Arts.

“After the show was over, which was about 10:15 pm, Eva came to the lobby where she met Jason,” our eyewitness says. “They gave each other a big hug and then chatted for about 10 minutes. Eva looked really happy, and so did Jason. They walked out hand in hand. Eva then signed a couple of autographs, while Jason patiently waited. Then they both got into Eva’s black car. Jason sat in the driver’s side and Eva in the passenger’s side. They sat in the parking lot and made out for out 10 minutes.”

A second eyewitness tells us the same story. “After the play was over, Eva went straight to the lobby to see Jason and that’s when they hugged each other. She was carrying a few bags and a box full of props and a costume for the play. Jason helped her carry the bags and box to her car — a black Lexus SUV,” the source says. ”At one point he had his arm around her.”

Adds our first insider, “They skipped the after party which was held in Santa Monica and went straight to the Sunset Tower Bar where they grabbed a bite to eat. They got there at about 11:45 pm.”

The twosome recently teamed up at the MTV Movie Awards in the opening Hangover spoof. Could Eva be taken by Jason’s silly sense of humor?

Eva is not that keen on marriage or kids so…is this just a funny rumor or budding romance?

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