When Fashion & Science Collide: The Future of Fabrics

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When you think of fashion, science does not come to mind but it’s sneaking it way onto the fashion scene under the radar via our noses! Saaay what! When we decide to purchase something we use all out senses to make that decision…its visual appeal, how it feels and oddly enough how it smells…sensory overload, but its how our brains work . P&G’s fabric detergent and softener,Tide and Downy want to make sure are favorites last forever or at least a long time. Did you know that P&G Fiber Scientists will use the cognitive science of perception to analyze why consumers make their fashion and style choices.

It’s all very scientific, but P&G utilizes this information to help its consumers take care of their clothes and help them answer the question…why did stop wearing those pants. “Our closets are full of clothes, yet 80 percent of the time, we wear only 20 percent of them,” said Margarita Bahrikeeton, Research Fellow for P&G Fabric Care. “Looking at that the other way round, why are 80 percent of the clothes we at one time loved left unworn in the closet?”

Just over a week ago P&G unveiled their second-annual P&G Future Fabrics event hosted by style expert George Kotsiopoulos, the  in New York City brought together members of the media and influential guests from the fashion, home and lifestyle communities to experience first-hand the latest advances in fabrics and insight into how our own unconscious decisions affect our clothing perceptions.

P&G is looking at Fabric Care from a new angle to find out the answer – breaking new ground by applying the latest research in the cognitive science of human perception to understand WHY consumers fall out of love with their wardrobe and how our relationship with clothes changes over time. By applying this knowledge to their FiberSCIENCE expertise, they strive to redefine what Fabric Care means for consumers and their clothes. Bahrikeeton also revealed that P&G Fiber Scientists are introducing new advances in the 3-Step FiberSCIENCE approach; to Clean, Protect and Enhance, which focus on prolonging and improving the multi-sensorial fabric properties that influence people’s perception of their clothes: the look, the feel and the scent.

The life cycle of our clothes is often cut short because these qualities are not cared for properly. Combining this cognitive knowledge with an unrivalled expertise of the fiber aging process, P&G is bringing a new approach to fabric care innovation (for brands like Tide and Downy) to maintain all the sensorial attributes of clothes and improve their quality of life.

It’s all so complicated and yet to fascinating!



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