Whoopi Goldberg Backtracks on Cosby

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Whoopi may have been a diehard Bill Cosby supporter, but she’s changed her tune a little. “I gotta say, all of the information that’s out there kinda points to ‘guilt’,” Whoopi said this morning on The View while talking with ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams.

Abrams explained the statute of limitation has run out for many of Cosby’s accusers and he will most likely not face jail time. Whoopi said, “I think you look at this case and you see the number of accusations and you say, ‘Wait a second…’ I always thought if you take somebody to court, you can have the accuser say, ‘That’s who did it.’ But you’re saying all that is left to these women is the court of public opinion. If this is to be tried in the court of public opinion, all the information that is out there kind of points to guilt. It looks bad, Bill. Either speak up, or shut up, because people know now there’s a lot more out there than they thought.”

WOW that’s a change of heart.In recent weeks Whoopi defended her friend saying, “He has not been proven a rapist,” but she made a slight turnaround this morning to ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams as he explained the meaning of “statute of limitations” in rape cases.

Is this just damage control?

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