Whose skin is showing signs of dryness now that it’s winter???

Wow it’s getting cold!!! At least here in NY…the weather has been spazzing out. The weather was warm one day and cold the next and back and forth…but I think that finally the weather has made up its mind and the cold weather has set in and my skin is paying for it. My skin has not dried out yet, but I feel it coming. I put on lotion, but when I forget my skin gets itchy and flaky. Here are few new lotion formulas that Lucky Magazine recommended which can help with that dry skin:

Aveeno intense relief repair cream ($12, drugstores)

Lubriderm intense skin repair body lotion with itch relief ($7, drugstores)

Vaseline intensive rescue clinical therapy body lotion ($5, drugstores)

All of these lotions are very affordable. Check your local drugstore for prices because there was a price difference from the magazine and internet prices.

Images courteous of Drugstore.com