Wiz Khalifa Upset Amber Rose Didn’t Bring Son to His Birthday Party!

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Wiz Khalifa Performs at "Ditch Fridays" Memorial Day Weekend at Palms Pool in Las Vegas on May 24, 2013

Not only is Wiz Khalifa venting on Twitter that he didn’t cheat on estranged wife, Amber Rise, but he’s also publicly bashing his ex for not dropping off their son, Sebastian aka Bash for his birthday party, he turned 2 on February 21. Amber has yet to respond to the allegations that she failed to drop off their son for a party with his father, but I’m pretty sure she will respond soon enough…unless they settle out of social media’s eyes. This split is getting real ugly! 

He continued to vent on Twitter about his current situation. “it’s sad because there are real people who go through real things and could use social media as a tool to help shed some light.

not to tear anyone down but to show our similar struggles and not just what the media portrays.

ive never voiced my true unhappiness out of fear of the person I was with and what she would do to make me more unhappy of anyone knew

I know a lot of people have that same fear and I’m just like you.

we need to talk to each more and empower each other to peruse our own happiness because the illusion is strong.

im even at a point where I feel I have no other options and i just need some help.

very greatful for my amazing support system right now. especially my mom and dad. this is tough for them too.

they raised me normal and want the same for my son without the evil that fame brings.

downloading positive vibes. let’s all smile at the same time.

standing up for all fathers who need, deserve, or can’t find help.

as a man, and a dad you’ll feel like ” I got this”. but who got us?

daddy’s gettin a hummingbird tattoo. that’s fire.

hummingbirds are extremely territorial so don’t fuck with one.

anyone who really knows me knows that I never cheated on amber.

i always kept my views on family and stability clear and stood by them just as I do anything else I feel strongly about.

i feel like its my responsibility to make sure you have the truth and aren’t misguided so we can all move like bosses.

my brothers just had a loss in the fam which is never easy. cherish each moment.

time to get more shading done.

dear lil snoop, this party is lit. 🙂 happy birthday.

anyone else don’t know what to do with themselves right now.

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