X Factor: CeCe Frey & Diamond White Eliminated, Ke$ha Performed ‘C’mon’

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Last night was one of the most predictable night of the X Factor competition, you kinda knew CeCe Frey and Diamond White were on the chopping block and they were eliminated  Frey was eliminated first with the lowest number of votes.”I’m very proud of everything that I’ve done on this show. I’m ready to leave it with this entire platform I’ve acquired for myself, and I hope that I taught everybody at home that you need to love who you are—because the more you love who you are, the less you’re going to need anybody else to,” Frey said as she departed the show. Her mentor Demi Lovato (who rocked Frey’s leopard spots on her face), added, “I didn’t have time to react, otherwise I’d probably be bawling my eyes out right now ’cause I’ve grown so close to you and. I’m just so proud of you.”

Next up Diamond White was on the chopping block with Fifth Harmony, but after surviving last week against Vino Alin she just didn’t have it and was eliminated. A graceful White said, “After I get off tour I’ll be sure to come back here with one of my hit songs and I’ll perform for you guys.” Cute!

And surprises were in store when Tate Stevens knocked Carly Rose Sonenclar to the number 2 spot after two weeks at the top, Emblem3 came in third and and Fifth Harmony in last place. Ke$ha performed, ‘C’mon’ a new single off her album, Warrior.

Photo from FOX

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