Yup, Jennifer Lawrence Admits Being Rude To Fans!

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Let’s just say that Jennifer Lawrence is always honest! The Oscar winner sat down with Adam Sandler for Variety Studio’s Actors on Actor and admitted being an a**hole to fans—-but she says she’s only ‘defending’ herself. “Once I enter a public place I become incredibly rude, I turn into a huge a–. That’s kind of like my only way of defending myself.” Jennifer went on to show how she reacts when she sees people attempting to approach her table at a restaurant—-she will give a mean stare and put up her finger to signal no and she will promptly shoot down selfies with a strict “No! That’s like my only defense. One of my best friends is Amy Schumer. I take my dog to the park all the time, Central Park. As soon as I meet her in the park, we’re f—–ked.”

Everyone is entitled to their off days! But we hope Jennifer isn’t too mean when dealing with her fans.

Is it me or did Jennifer and Adam both seem uncomfortable?

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