Yup, Miley Cyrus Got A New Tattoo Of Liam Hemsworth’s Favorite Snack!


Miley Cyrus is serious about Liam Hemsworth—yes they have been seen together and yes she has been wearing her engagement ring again—-but this time it’s real ya’ll—she got a tattoo. NO not of Liam’s name, but of his favorite snack, Vegemite. WTF? The photo popped up on the Instagram page of tattoo artist Dr. Woo. ““@mileycyrus don’t play when it comes to #vegemite #halfneedle.” 

So I looked up what Vegemite is and its an Australian food paste made from yeast—the America version of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (we hear). Miley went a little less permanent the last time she wanted to show off her love of Liam—she donned a Hemsworth T-shirt just a few weeks ago.

Photo from Instagram