10 Best Hair Stylist Tips For Home Haircuts

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Home haircut tips

Home haircut anyone? Yes, I am one of those people desperate for a haircut and I recently took scissors to my hair and chopped it all off. Noooo I’m kidding! I just did a little trim. I have a ton of bad split ends and my ends were looking ragged. Listen I love a good haircut. I love the moment when you first run your hands through your freshly cut hair, uhhh, it’s just marvelous! But things are still a little rough during this quarantine (hopefully it will all over soon or at least get better) and we have resorted to home haircuts. So we have compiled a few of the best home haircut tips to get you through this hair rut.

Home Haircut Confession

home haircuts

So here is my first confession— I haven’t been to a hair salon for a long long long time. And when my birthday rolled around this March (#Pisces) I was going to treat myself to a haircut at a salon I found on Instagram. Then Covid-19 hit NY hard. There went my new haircut (I was thinking of a long bob). 

Now that was over two months ago and I felt my ends getting drier and drier and more tangly! So I slowly picked up a pair of hair cutting scissors and walked into the bathroom and I cut my own hair—-well I trimmed off about 1 inch of hair and since my hair is pretty long I didn’t notice except for a few long pieces for that managed to escape my scissors. Don’t worry I got them! And while the cut isn’t perfect, it will do until I can get to a professional. If you are still scared then try a deep conditioner for now then come back to this post if you want a few good home haircut tips.

Home Haircut Confession #2

But here’s the kicker, I’ve cut my hair before. This isn’t the first time I’ve taken scissors to my hair and it began when I was a young girl. That time I first mangled my hair. I hated going to the salon and that’s when my DIY attitude started. But I messed up real bad. I kept cutting until I cut a terrible accidental bob and I have the awful school pics to prove it (somewhere hidden). And despite not having any formal training I still have no hesitation when cutting my hair. I have learned my lesson and stick to just trimming no more than an inch or so.

Celebrity Home Haircuts

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Even Celebs are getting restless at home and want to chop off their hair. And people like Pink, Ruby Rose, and Rosalia. So while we continue social distancing and sheltering in place you may want to be adventurous and when a deep conditioner just isn’t enough you can opt for an at-home haircut. Be prepared mistakes may be made, but the hair will grow back and guess what while you are at home no one can really see your hair if it is botched. And just have your hairstylist on speed dial for when the quarantine is over.

Haircut Tools

hair tools

Before you start cutting hair, you will need a few tools like a pair of haircutting scissors, a comb, and hairclips and a mirror of course! Clippers are needed for buzz cuts. Celebrity stylist Justine Marjan tells Allure, “Don’t use kitchen scissors! They aren’t sharp enough and can push the hair as they cut, resulting in crooked lines that are hard to fix.” 

There are a few types of haircuts that you can attempt during the Covid-19 quarantine ( if you are reading this during April -May 2020). We can opt for a small trim, a blunter cut, layers/shag, or a buzz cut. All of them require the same kind of technique—-following the lines of your old haircut– if you had a good haircut, to begin with. If you are starting from scratch or doing more than a trim that’s another story. For the buzzcut which you will need the hair clippers.

Best Home Haircut Tips

hair trimming

Now its time for the nitty gritty of out home haircut tip. Check out the top 10 best home haircut tips that we found, which includes a few tips from top Kardashian/celebrity stylists.

Get a good pair of hair cutting shears (1)

Hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons tells Allure, “Low-quality scissors can leave your ends looking sloppy and frayed; no one wants that.” He says that you should invest in a good pair of hair-cutting shears, “The reason that stylists use shears versus the ones sitting in your junk drawer at home is that the sharp, precise blades allow you to be much more exact and make it easier to get clean lines and edges.”

Cut clean dry hair (2)

While you may be tempted to cut your hair wet that might be a mistake since wet hair stretches. Professionals may be able to handle that but you may end up with a lopsided do.  Only more experienced people should cut hair wet, but if you do cut hair wet make sure it’s clean and detangled. “Make sure hair is clean and blow-dried straight or how you wear it usually so you have a clear and realistic vision of the cut,” Justine Marjan said. Skip cutting dirty hair Justine added,  “If hair is oily or dirty, it will cling together and create an uneven finish.”

Section Hair Into Multiple Parts  (3)

Hair Stylist and Youtube Guru Brad Mondo has his own haircutting video. He says you have to make sure the hair is combed and knot free before placing hair into smaller ponytails around the perimeter of your head. Watch his tutorial here.

Stick to a simple trim (4)

Hairstylist Laura Polko, tells ET don’t go crazy with a new haircut. “If you’re going to do it I think the best thing you could do to keep it as simple and not too disruptive on what path you’ve already been on your haircuts and, you know, your hairstyles at home, I would section hair ear to ear in the front, ear to ear on the other side, and then split the back section into two, and then kind of use a mirror, if you can and get the very, very, ends going straight across. In the back, you want to look down, tilt your head down a little bit, and then just nip it at the bottom. And then you’re going to pull it all in front and match it up.” 

Skip creating new bangs (5)

If you need to cut bangs then take Hair Stylist Jen Atkin’s advice and do a micro trim.

Point Scissors upwards, not across (6)

“Point the scissors upwards and slightly open and close scissors on the ends of the hair,” Justine Marjan told Allure. “This is a point-cutting technique that gives a more diffused finish on the ends.”  This keeps you from making too much of a blunt cut and gives you a more forgiving shape.

Ask a Friend For Help (7)

Asking a friend or family to help you with your haircut might be your saving grace for your hair.  “Cutting your own hair is always hard to do; this is why I do not recommend it,” stylist Tracy Folino of Hair Addict Salon tells Allure. “However, if you can get some help, it will make it a lot easier.”

Buzz cuts (8)

Start with the longest clipper attachment blade for a short buzzcut, then go for a shorter blade to avoid going too short. According to Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist, Chris Appleton, start with the hair towards the front of your head, by the temples and then work your way back. Check out his full tutorial below.

 Make sure you have the proper lighting (9)

Stylist  Zoë Irwin says you should try the invisible haircut, which mainly gets rid of split ends. “It’s mainly people with long hair or people who are growing out their hair that wants this cut. It’s a healthy way of managing the condition as opposed to just trimming the bottom of the hair and ignoring the splits which might have traveled further up the shaft of the hair. It’s a totally invisible cut, so your hair won’t look or feel shorter, but it will look and feel healthier.” But before you start she says, “Good lighting is essential, so do this in bright daylight.”

Curly Hair Can Be Cut A Little Differently (10)

Youtube guru and hairstylist Manes by Mell cut her own hair for her youtube channel on her curly mane. She did a basic cut but when she was done and styled she went back in and snipped extra curls for more bounce.

So now that you have these tips under your belt will you try a trim or at home haircut? Which was your favorite home haircut tips?

Home haircut tips
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