9 Hair Hacks To Extend Your Blowout

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9 Hair Hacks To Extend Your Blowout

Who isn’t always looking for a shortcut or an easier way to do something? I am always looking for ways to extend your blow out, but I can be lazy, and realistically I’m just time thrifty. And while I love a good blow out who has time to blow dry their hair every day. I may spend 30 to 40 minutes blow-drying my hair but I don’t want to think about my hair for the next 3 to 4 days. If I could get away with more days I would but I get greasy roots and dry ends.  So listen up for a full list of ways to extend your blowout, but first…

What is a Blowout?

Just in case you didn’t know what a Blowout is —its the process of drying your hair with a blow dryer into a straight hairstyle. You may use a round brush or a paddle brush to create tension in the hair while applying heat to form the style.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve talked about ways to cut spending excessive time on your hair. I still stick to a lot of those hair hacks and have some of my favorites—like wearing a shower cap and using a dry shampoo to extend your blowout. 

Now it’s time to check out a few cool, but lazy ways to get that extra day before your next shampoo.

Extend Your Blowout: Start with Clean Hair

Prep Hair Right

extend your blowout

Start with a clean scalp. You have to prep hair with a good shampoo. Do not underestimate the benefit of a great shampoo and conditioner. When I am traveling or know I will be super busy a particular week I don’t want to risk wasting time washing my hair. So when I wash my hair I take the time to make sure to wash my hair really well. Tip: I use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all my product buildup and oil. I want to make sure my hair is squeaky clean, then I move on to a lightweight conditioner. Remember the cleaner the hair scalp the longer your hair will last and extend your blowout.

Use minimal products and don’t touch hair

After you are done with your shampoo and conditioner, I would go light on the styling products. Try to use minimal products on the hair. Then I detangle my hair and move on.  I get it some people need more products than others, but try to use the least amount possible. Hair products like oils and creams add an element of slickness when blowdrying your hair, but within a day that oil can lead to greasier roots. Use products sparingly if at all. I like the lightweight Herbal Essences bio:renew Argan & Aloe Oil.

Now It’s Time To Blow Dry Your Hair!

Blow Out Your Hair (1)

Extend Your Blowout

In order for you to get the smoothest blow out, you have to dry your hair properly—using a round brush. But I have a little secret: I have a Hot Tools One step blow dryer ( I also have the Revlon One-Step blow dryer). It’s essential to use a round/oval brush with heat ( you can also use it with a traditional blow dryer as well) to give your hair a smooth look. I dry my hair faster than ever with this tool. But with all this heat on your hair make sure to take care of your ends with a deep conditioner.

FYI-I wanted a DYSON Supersonic Hair Dryer, but it’s out of my budget.

Add little anti-humidity products to your hair regimen (2)

Amika Anti-Humidity Spray - 9 Hair Hacks To Extend Your Blowout

After you’ve washed your hair and possibly skipped some hair products you MAY want to try an anti-humidity hair spray that would keep your hair from frizzing up thus calling for a hair wash. Try a light hand of anti-humidity spray.

After Blowout Hair Care To Extend Your Blowout

Try not to sweat (3)

Ok, so I’m not asking you not to work out, but during that weekend when it’s necessary to extend your blowout try to keep your workouts low impact. Skip any HIIT workout, because that’s a sweat-fest…But if you have to work out then I would try the Bumble shampoo mist for the days when a shampoo is not in the cards. Also if you must workout then use a moisture-wicking headband.

 Try a Dry Conditioner (4)

dry conditioner-9 Hair Hacks To Extend Your Blowout

Dry conditioners are not exactly new to the beauty market, but they aren’t as popular as dry shampoos. But dry conditioners are totally different from dry shampoos. Instead of attempting to contain greasy hair, dry conditioners instead work to keep your ends moisturized as not everyone gets crazy greasy hair by day 2 and can extend washes.

Add some texture to hair (5)

9 Hair Hacks To Extend Your Blowout
Bed Head

On the last leg of your blowout, whether it’s day 2 or 4, I would break out my curling iron (my Hot Tools iron is super old I think I need a new one) or wave wand and throw some curls in my hair. At this point, it’s almost washing day and we start the cycle all over again! So a few curls and texturizing spray will be your friend.

Add some shine (6)

Dull hair comes off dirty to the eye, so on your second and third of unwashed hair, your hair starts to get dirty. Try adding a little shine spray which will give the illusion of cleaner hair. 

 Switch up your part (7)

Selena Gomez American Music Awards 2017
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You might not think about it, but changing up your part could save you a few days from your next wash. I tend to part my hair down the middle or to my left side. When it’s time, we should switch our hair to a new part. I know it might not feel natural to have your part somewhere new, but putting a clip in your hair will keep hair in place.

 Reset your hair (8)

9 Hair Hacks To Extend Your Blowout - hair drying

Use a blow dryer to refresh your hair on day two or three. Dirty hair falls flat—drying your hair again will give it a little bump and give you a chance to smooth out any kinks.

Wear A shower cap (9)

11 Hair Hacks That Will Save You Time In The Morning

One of the best ways to extend my blowout is with a shower cap. Since I spend my precious time blow drying and flat ironing my hair, I want it to last as long as possible! I’ve talked about wearing a shower cap in another post. I have purchased a few terry cloth lined shower caps. One from Sephora that was a little pricer and one from Amazon that was a few dollars cheaper. They both get the job done! It’s important to keep as most moisture away from your hairline which would essentially wreck your blowout.

Bonus: Time for a Ponytail or a top knot!


And last but not least is the ponytail. My go-to hairstyle when my hair is dirty and on its last day. Whether its a really cute high ponytail or low ponytail right now is the time to get the laziest with this easy style. Or you could go with a top knot.

Jennifer Lopez has a beautiful high ponytail and while I’m sure she has some sort of extension in her hair its the look that counts!! You can also achieve this ponytail at home.

Other Ways To Extend Your Blow Outs

Has anyone ever heard of grease training or rather scalp-training your hair. It was just this week that I learned that term, in which you take months to train your hair to not get as greasy hence a new way to extend your blowouts and shampoo times. If you believe that! And guess what I think I’m already doing it without even noticing. I have never been a daily hair washer. More like twice a week, although I wish I could go longer. 

Dry Shampoo

Now on to Dry shampoo. I don’t use dry shampoo all the time, but when I know I want to extend my blow out I will apply dry shampoo before my hair even gets greasy. I will use dry shampoo before I go to sleep the same day I wash my hair. In essence, I am attempting to catch grease before it even has a chance to develop. I wake up with clean hair and lifted roots. 

Pineapple Method

11 Hair Hacks That Will Save You Time In The Morning

Then I put my hair in a high ponytail at night (Pineapple method) or I wrap my hair ( but I haven’t done that in a long time). Don’t know what that means it’s the process of combing your hair around your head and securing your bobby pins. Then wrap a silk scarf or wrap cap around your hair. Rihanna wore this style to an event although this style which is almost exclusively left to bedtime— but she made it FASHION. This has a major benefit—your hair is secured and hidden away so it won’t be roughed up while you sleep. When you sleep on your hair, you risk roughing the cuticle (which means dry ends) and having to wash your hair sooner. Protect that hair. But if you get a little lazy then check out the next tip.

It’s time to invest in a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce hair static and rough ends. So maybe you don’t need to wrap your hair or maybe you don’t want to– then you should pick up a satin/silk pillowcase. It’s also great for your skin as cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from your hair and skin leaving them dehydrated and needing moisture.

Even actress Taraji P Hensen believes in wrapping her hair at night she told Shape Magazine, “I sleep with a satin cap. I don’t even know where I got it from. I’m just a creature of habit. I got it from Sally’s Beauty Supply store somewhere. I don’t even know. It’s a black satin cap. I have several of them. And I also have satin pillowcases from Bed Bath & Beyond.”

9 way to extend your blowout

How do you extend your blowout? Have you used my tips before?

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