Work From Home Outfit Ideas (Spring & Summer)

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Girl Working from home

Working from home? So many people are getting in on this thing called remote working at home. Yes, that’s not a new concept, but as of recent, it’s kinda become mainstream! Whether it’s a temporary situation or a new venture working from home may become the norm for some but YES you will still need to get dressed in the morning! But don’t worry we have a ton of work from home outfit ideas.

Work from Home: Getting Dressed!

But just because no one can see you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get dressed. Getting dressed makes things feel a little more formal despite the relaxed setting ( and by relaxed we mean being at home—we know some people have kids, which may make being home being a little more chaotic and we don’t want to minimize that struggle!).

But getting dressed no longer means dressy office clothes or even jeans for that matter (personally, I haven’t worn jeans in weeks). It means being neat and put together just in case you need to take that Zoom conference call but it’s really all about comfort.  Getting ready doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put in a lot of effort but you do need some basics—-Check out my list of must-have basics and head below for some cool work from home outfit ideas!

Work From Home Outfit Ideas

As a blogger, I mainly work from home so being comfy at home is essential for me as I type from my bed or sofa many times (I can’t use my desk right now). You can usually catch me in joggers and a T-shirt—something I open the front door and receive packages without being embarrassed. But even I have to up my game at home and add a few more work from home outfit ideas.

If you are working from home by choice or because of a pandemic I have a few essentials that will make you feel ready for the day, so put those pajamas away and get ready!

Work From Home: Cool Shirts 

Working from home doesn’t have to mean oversized sleeping shirts anymore. You may not have to take any Zoom phone calls but looking put together is always a good thing even if you ARE working from home. We prefer simple tops with lots of flexibility. I hate a shirt that is too binding while I am on my computer.

You should add a few of these classics like:

White Cropped T

A Cropped Top: Crop tops are back in right now especially with high waisted pants ( you won’t show off much of your stomach, maybe just a sliver).

basic tank top

A Nude/White Tank: Nude or white tanks are super versatile and simple. Just layer with a few necklaces and the look is easy!


Cool T-shirts: I like to have t-shirts with fun patterns or vintage-looking band T’s for a way to pop against basic joggers.

white button down shirt

A Frilly Top: I love to have a frilly top for those days when you may have to amplify your look. Maybe you have a zoom call and a basic T might not do it for you. Or a soft Chambray shirt is great.

Side note: make your basic work from home outfits a little more classy with simple jewelry like a simple necklace or dangly earrings!

Work from Home: Mainly Joggers

camp joggers

I already live in jogger pants ( also known as sweatpants). Gone are the days of super baggy sweatpants or joggers. For a more put-together look, we would go with a more comfy yet fitted pair of joggers. I actually like to buy pants from the men’s department. They tend to have slightly cooler features and zippers.  I just purchase the pants in a smaller size.

Check out these pants:

black joggers

Joggers: When I was younger I used to live in really baggy sweatpants with no shape and now I love a more tapered look!

linen pants

Linen Pants: Linen pants are a step up from joggers when you need a more put-together look.

workout pants for home

Athletic pants: Who doesn’t love their athletic/workout style pants. Its great people you can go from work to working out or vice versa.

biker shorts

Biker shorts: I’ve never been the biggest fan of biker shorts for the streets, but at home almost anything goes. Comfy and flexible biker short are the epitome of loungewear clothing!

Work from Home: Dresses

white shirt dress for home

I’ve never been a dress person, but nothing spells easy like a soft dress. From something that hits the knee to a floor grazing version, dresses are perfect for a change of pace form joggers.

We love a few different dress styles like:

t-shirt dress

Shirt Dress: The T-shirt dress is like wearing a super long tee.

knot dress for work at home

Knotted T-shirt dress: Almost any loose dress will do but I love the style of a knotted T-shirt dress. They are usually very loose with an added element —a cute knot!

black dress

Long Maxi: We also love a long flowing maxi dress that give you that free feeling with style.

Work from Home: Loungewear sets

lounge set

Want to look cohesive, then pick up a matching Loungewear set! Want something flowy than can take you from work to sleep in style then this set from Amazon should be on your list!

We love neutral colored lounge wear sets ( top & bottom) like this one too.

Work from Home: Fun slippers


I live in my old Fur Slides by FENTY (Puma). They are still in great shape and I use them daily so I understand having a good pair of fun house slippers. I would walk around barefoot, but you know germs stop me. I don’t think they make those slides anymore but you can find tons of other options!

furry slippers for home

Furry slippers: Furry slipper are just calling for comfort at home

sandals work from home

Simple Sandals: and we cant forget just a simple sandal for the house.

Work from Home: Cardigans & Blazers

cozy cardigan

Its getting hot now, but a cardigan and blazer are a great way to add a little cover up  when you do have to make a video call for a virtual meeting.

We love a long cardigan to go over a simple T or a more fitted top. But if you need a little more structure then opt for a blazer!

robe blazer work from home

Work from Home: Jeans

Work from home jeans

While you might not wear jeans when you are working from home, you may need to step out at some point in the day, so we included jeans for those days. You should go for a looser fit like boyfriend jeans or mom jeans. I would skip skinny jeans for WFH days.

boyfriend jeans

Has your style changed since you started working from home? Are you still wearing jeans or more formal attire? How have you adapted to working from home? Do you have any work from home outfit ideas to add to my list?

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