Kareem Abdul Jabbar Slams ‘The Bachelor’ In THR Essay!

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Yes, Kareen Abdul Jabbar may be a basketball legend, but did you know he has a strong opinion of the dating competition show The Bachelor and The Bachelorette! Well he does and he basically hates it—or rather he just doesn’t think they are realistic in the slightest when it comes to love he says in his essay ‘The Bachelor’ Is Killing Romance in America for THR.

“So, what’s so wrong with a little harmless entertainment of watching people scramble for “love” like ravenous crabs on a washed up seal corpse? In the short term, nothing. Just good, clean fun. But the long-term effects of their choices — from the types of people selected to be on the show to the promotion of a subversive, childish concept of love — is like smoking or listening to Kenny G: it can have serious.” consequences.”

“The shows’ mantra repeated by most castmembers that “everyone deserves love” ain’t necessarily so. You’re not even in the running for love unless you fit a very narrow ideal of Ken and Barbie doll physical beauty. These shows promote the scorched-earth effects of raising females to be continually judged physically above all other attributes and then measured against impossible physical standards that has marginalized a majority of girls and women — and made billions for the beauty products, clothing, and cosmetic surgery industries. Even youthful Amanda Stanton, 26, admits to using Botox.”

He’s not wrong or jaded at all with his essay. I may have watched like the first season of the Bachelor and heard about subsequent seasons, but I just don’t believe most will find love in a room with 20 guys vying for the hand of one lady. The odds are pretty stacked against you. If anything these shows are stepping  stool for the contestants (or subject) to move on to other ventures like hosting, modeling, appearances, etc

Jabbar also questioned what’s really important on these shows—its all about looks over intellect. “The real crime is the lack of intellectual and appearance diversity, which leaves the contestants as interchangeable as the Mr. Potato Head parts. The lack of racial diversity has already been commented on. If you’re black on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you’re usually kept around as a courtesy for a few weeks before being ejected.”

“The Bachelor/Bachelorette shows could be an informative social mirror that exposes the basic cracks in how Americans glamorize romance and as such could be part of the cure.” Preach!

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