11 Insanely Easy Makeup Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know!!

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Easy Makeup Tips & Tricks

We live in the camera culture and even though we are all about a beautiful bare face, we also know the importance of a little makeup. We get it makeup can feel intimidating, but once you’ve dabbled in it a few times it’s not only easier than you thought but super fun. You can go from basic to babe to glam to over the top AF with just a few products. But it starts with the basics and a great foundation.  We compiled a list of insanely easy makeup tips and tricks to get you from novice to everyday glam. But these are just guidelines, not rules, as makeup rules are meant to be broken and adjusted to personal preference.

Makeup Tip #1: Start With a Great Base

Before you can start any makeup look you have to start with a great base, which includes washing your face and then applying your favorite serums and moisturizers to make sure your skin is perfectly hydrated. Then you would add your SPF and primer. If you have time exfoliate your lips. And now you are ready to move onto the real makeup process. That begins with the biggest—albeit easiest—part of your makeup routine—your foundation, since it covers most of your face.

Makeup Tip #2: Get Your Foundation Color Matched!

It’s time to get color matched whether you head over to Sephora or Ulta, you should get yourself color matched for your perfect foundation shade ( or at least a close shade). It can often be hard to pick your own shade and unless you are a beauty influencer or professional makeup artist you won’t have access to all those colors. Plus lighting in stores can be bad for picking foundation shades. But if you have to pick a foundation shade yourself then head over to your local CVS  and use their available testers…just don’t apply to your face (PLEASE DON’T)…apply to your hand and hold up to your face. Then clean your skin ASAP. You have two foundation choices, matte and dewy. Pick your favorite kind of foundation based on your skin type.

Tip: Sephora has a machine that is scanned on your face and the machine picks up your shades based on a few different scans. Cool right?

Tip: So you have your perfect Maybelline shade, but you want to try Fenty Beauty’s foundation and can onlyshop online, check out Findation.com where they have an extensive color catalog that matches you to a shade you already know.

Makeup Tip #3: Conceal It All!


Concealer not only conceals, but it can also brighten and hides blemishes. Once you figure out your preference, liquid (thinner, lighter, less pigment) or cream (thick, more pigment), then you have to pick out your shade, preferably 2-3 shades lighter than your skin or foundation shade for concealing and highlighting. Check out this quick Contour tutorial from Loreal.

If you have dry skin/ raised scars/ spot concealing use should use a cream concealer like Tarte Shape Tape

If you have oily skin/ flat scars/ dark under eye circles opt for lightweight concealers

And if you have normal/combo skin then its just your preference.

Makeup Tip #4: Blend, Blend, Blend

Beauty Blender

In order to achieve that airbrushed perfect look that you need for all those Instagram snaps then you need to learn to blend your foundation. Its all lies in your blending.  You can go with a blending brush, a kabuki or a blending sponge, like a Beauty Blender. But you can always use your ring finger to tap on the concealer. Set foundation and concealer with setting powder!

Makeup Tip #5: Start With A Neutral Eye

Jaclyn Hill eye shadow palette

A dark smokey eye is perfect for a night out, but the look can be a little intimidating so starting with the neutrals is best–colors like warm beiges and browns are a more forgiving look. Imagine cleaning black shadow fallout. Its great to practice with lighting colors before moving on to a more glammed up look!

Tip: Pick up an eyeshadow palette with a mix of neutral colors along with a few more like the Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette, $38 which includes 35 shades for you to play with! It’s a great starter palette for a Tom of looks.

Check out youtube influencers Shonagh and Eman’s beautiful eyeshadow looks.

Makeup Tip #6: Contour, Bronzer, Highlight!!!


Contour and bronzer can bring dimension to your face. Start by using a contour or bronzer that’s a few shades darker than your foundation. But make sure its a good blendable formula, but don’t over blend which could leave you looking muddy!

Tip: Try cream and powder contour products to see your preference!

And then there’s highlight which can range from a slight glow to a light reflection that can be seen from outer space! For the most natural look go with a light hand on the temples and just above your cheeks—the higher points on your face that naturally catch light!

Kim Kardashian used to be the Contour Queen, although she has since pulled back on her heavily contoured face. But we can still take inspo from her highlighted and contoured face. Make sure those cheeks pop forward and her under eyes disappear. While her face has a lot going on, her face shows how exactly yo make your face look slim and chiseled. You know for when you want that look!

Makeup Tip #7: Don’t Forget Mascara & Liner

Mascara brings life to your eyes, but first your liner. The liner does not have to ring the entire eye for a simple look. You don’t even have to create a wing although that’s beautiful too.  Use a black or brown liner for every day and colorful colors for special occasions.

Loreal Voluminous Lash Paradise

Tip: For a simple eye look, attempt to anchor your elbow on a hard surface and then make dashes along your eyelash line. You will then go in and connect the dots. Super simple! And now mascara. You can try the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous X Fiber Mascara, one of the most popular drugstore mascaras on the market right now! Don’t forget to get yourself a good eyelash curler

Tip: If you want to try false lashes try a brand with a thinner band to try practicing with.

Makeup Tip #8: Brows Can Make Or Break You!

Good brows totally frame your face. Whether you have bushy brows or need a little extra oomph you should definiatly fill in your brows for a little extra definition, since brow need a little care. Personally, I get my brows threaded to give me a good base, but you can wax or pluck as well to get rid of those pesky strays that pop up.

Then I like to use a brow pencil to fill in my brows, my favorite is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, $21 in medium brown and dark brown.

I usually start filling in my brows with the darker color from the middle of my arch to the end—make shirt strokes in the direction of your brows. I always use the spoolie to distribute product to avoid harsh lines then I use my lighter color for the front of my brows. Brush through and add a little clear mascara for hold.

Makeup Tip #9: Pick Up A Few High-Quality Brushes Or Sponges

Real Techniques

Expensive makeup brushes are not essential. But the applicator that comes with some makeup packages is just not practical. You can pick up brushes from Real Techniques at Ulta or Sonia Kashuk from Target. And then there is the Beauty blender. The sponge that has made its way into every beauty guru’s makeup vanity. It’s worth the investment.

Tip: Make sure the beauty blender is wet before using or it will soak up all your product.

Tip: Make sure to clean your brushes thoroughly with brush cleaner or baby shampoo.

Makeup Tip #10: Pick A Bold Lip!

Fenty Beauty Stunna
Fenty Beauty

When you need a good pick me up reach for a bold lip I love Fenty beauty’s Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Uncensored (the perfect red), $24 when you only have time for a tinted moisturizer and mascara you can add a bright lip for a pop of color on the face.

Makeup Tip #11: Set it and Forget it…Kind Of!

Lastly, don’t forget to set your makeup with a setting spray to keep your makeup in place for hours. This is one of the best ways to get your makeup to last for a long time and make sure your makeup doesn’t slide off your face.

Make Up For Ever

Tip: Spray an even coat of primer spray on your face in even coats.

11 Insanely Easy Makeup Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know!!

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