Are you environmentally friendly when it comes to makeup?

I have becoming Green. Nooooo I’m not envious nor am I the Hulk….I’m just environmentally friendly or at least I try to be. I am not 100 % in full force because I still need to do my research but my favorite is recycling and I despise Styrofoam….hello it doesn’t breakdown when it’s in the landfill. To tell you the truth I never think about how green or organic my makeup is when I buy it. Why don’t they just make products that are safe to use (meaning no chemicals and won’t cause me cancer). I don’t think that enough people have jumped on the Green bandwagon yet!!!! Did you know that 60% of the stuff you put on your skin goes into our skin and is IN US!! Think about that. Since we don’t know the chemicals we are putting into our bodies we could be voluntarily putting ourselves at risk for cancer. Check out this Green makeup artist Paula Padgett and how she lives Green. Check out her blog

Put these sites on your favorites list right now!!!

Safe Cosmetics

Cosmetic Database

They will help determine how safe your products are.

Ignorance is not bliss!!