7 Ways To Look Like A Celebrity While Traveling

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7 Ways To Look Like A Celebrity While Traveling

Can you believe it, its already a new year and we have travel on the brain. Will you be traveling this year or in the next coming months? Yes! Well, how about upgrading your ensemble while hitting the road. You could go to the airport with your favorite sweatpants and basic sneakers with your messiest top knot. But why not take an extra step and strut through the airport like your favorite celeb. With these easy celebrity travel style tips, just a few strategic upgrades and you will look fabulous in no time.

Traveling is stressful enough, you dread having to spend all day at an airport and then you have to board a long cross-country flight. Exciting, but not always fun. We have all been there, trying to figure out how to incorporate a few cool style elements into your wardrobe to make your flight a little more fashionable. None of these tips are necessary just fun. Celebs make looking cool at the airport appear effortless, but by deconstructing a few of their style tricks and tips, we can making going to the airport look fabulous and well—easy!

I’ve put together a list of my favorite celebrity travel style tips. Check them out and let me know which one is your favorite.

Huge Glamorous Sunglasses

Catherine Zeta Jones
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Who hasn’t seen their favorite celebrity walking through the airport with a pair of cool over the top sunglasses? There may or may not be sun out, but the real job of your sunnies is to cover your face not necessarily block the sun. Think about it— you may be tired and feel puffy after a long flight or an early morning and want to block your barely open eyes. Or maybe you didn’t have the time to apply makeup so your sunglasses become your temporary shield from other humans. I know that celebs might be wearing sunglasses to block the paparazzi, but you why can’t you look fabulous too in case you get snapped in the background at LAX.

Tip: Try dark oversized sunglasses to cover more of your face!

Cool Long Trench or Short Moto Jacket

Hailey Clauson
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Celebs are always caught with one of two outerwear choices—-a long trench coat or a short moto style jacket. Of course, depending on the weather you may need something a little lighter or a little warmer, but a trench coat or a short moto jacket will be your trusty sidekicks for your flight! Both can be taken off, folded and placed in a bag and are generally light to carry!

The long trench is deal for a longer flight where you may want to be a little more cozy, while I would leave the moto for a shorter flight, or when I want to look like a badass while exiting the plane. But the choice is yours!

Slick Red Lips

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored.
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Imagine pairing your glam sunglasses with a bold red lip (preferable matte and non-transferable so its long lasting) and how you look so more put together even if you were wearing your favorite sweatpants!!! I’m still in love with the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored. Also check out the Fenty Beauty concealer collection.

Travel sized skincare

Traveling can create havoc on your skin, not only is the air on your flight recycled, but its also dry  which is why a lot of people, including celebs apply masks and perform mini facials while flying. Yes, we’ve all seen those images of celebs applying full face masks on while on a long flight and while that seems like fun we prefer that our travel beauty maintenance routine be a little more low-key.

Celebrity/socialite, Paris Hilton revealed she wears undereye patches while on flights! “When I’m traveling I make spa trips for facials and I always stay hydrated. The eye patches by Patchology are great for when you travel. I wear them under my eyes when I’m doing my make-up and putting on my lashes.”

We suggest a mask like Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask which hydrates skin, but goes on clear doesn’t need to be washed off. But you can also reach for under eye masks, lip masks, serums and

Comfy Cool Sneakers

We’ve seen celebs run the gamut when it comes to footwear from flip-flops and the ugly sneaker trend (we are not fans) all the way to thigh high heels, but the best way you can head to the airport with is comfy cool sneakers (with socks). Sure most celebs probably don’t have to take off their shoes while going through TSA like us common folks (they most likely pay to be TSA approved), but we would still skip the sandals and heels and opt for sneakers that are easily taken off and are comfortable while standing around on long lines.

Light Sweater or Scarf

We always see celebs bringing along a light sweater or a scarf while traveling and that’s because airports and planes can get chilly and if you don’t want to carry a coat then this might be for you. Even at LAX, celebs can be seen wearing a scarf and you might think they are crazy since it’s probably over 80 degrees but wait until you get on the plane and you get chilly and have nothing to cover up with. Trust us it always happens. Plus bonus you can use the scarf as a little pillow. You can always take off a light sweater, but if you didn’t bring one you can’t make it magically appear.

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans

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Celebs might be spotted wearing sweatpants at the airport and while the temptation might be strong please resist. We’ve made that mistake before, wanted to roll out of the hotel in sweats and then roll onto the plane the same way —-all in the name of comfort. And we are guilty of doing that exact thing, but wouldn’t you look and feel better know you look cool in a nice pair of jeans, preferably loose fitting and maybe distressed for an added edge. YES, YES, YES!

But since fashion is flexible and if you must wear sweats, go for a more fitted style like Olivia Culpo.


Make sure you grab a magazine a few snacks and hit the road.

7 Ways To Look Like A Celebrity While Traveling

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