Why You Should Try High Waisted Jeans!

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Blue jeans 

For a long time, the low rise jeans were in, and they may still be in. But ladies, we’ve ventured onward from our low slung jeans. Low rise skinny jeans for women can be hard to pull off especially if you are very curvy or have a slight pooch since they accentuate the lowest part of our midsections and our dreaded muffin tops. But I recently discovered high rise jeans for women otherwise known as high waisted jeans. Yes…just recently and my mind is blown.

The Beginning Of Low-Rise Jeans


My love of low rise jeans started in early college, many moons ago when the skinny jean trend when just getting its footing! But as my body changed ( I think I gained the freshman 15 plus a few extra) so did my affinity for skinny jeans. But my extremely low-rise jeans became the best creator of the muffin top. Yes, the dreaded roll of flesh that came pouring out of my low-rise, probably too snug jeans. And I suffered for years hiding the muffin with pillowy tops and flannel shirts, but life has changed. I discovered the high-rise or high waisted jeans (not to be confused with the extremely high rib touching jeans or mom jeans—which are in style too by the way. Thanks 90’s fashions!).

Forever 21

It took me a long time but finally found my new love —-the high waisted jean—although I think they’ve always been there waiting for me. So we get to keep our skinny jeans, but we’ve gained the ability to breathe and be comfortable in our new love high rise jeans without losing circulation in our midsections. 

Now, this isn’t a dig to low-rise jeans, I still have some in my closet, but high rise jeans cinch my waist, elongate my body and make me feel comfier! Even Lauren Conrad loves her high rise jeans. “Everything I wore in my late teens and early twenties was just so low rise,” Conrad told Glamour. “And at this point. I just can’t. I have a kid, so I’m constantly getting down on my knees or something. I couldn’t wear them just because they’re not full-coverage. I would just be like tugging them up all the time. I can’t pull off the low rise.”

Why High Rise Jeans Are Perfect for everyone!

Old Navy

If you have a great six-pack and can get away with super low-rise jeans that’s cool, but high rise jeans elongate every body type from short to tall and from slim to curvy since they naturally hit the smallest part of your waist. High rise jeans have a way of making you look sleeker and altogether put together, plus its chic AF.

What to Look For In Your High Rise Jeans

Look for jeans that hit around your belly button and bonus you won’t suffer from the other fashion sin—the dreaded butt crack exposure. Plus high rise jeans come in all styles from skinny and slim to boot cut and flare along with boyfriend and girlfriend cuts. I also prefer denim with at least 1% stretch at a minimum to hug all your curves!

Check out a few cool high rise jeans below, I own the Old Navy pair on the right (above) and I love them and they are easy to travel with!

Do you wear high rise jeans?

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