Alicia Keys Goes Makeup Free For V Magazine


Alicia Keys went bare faced for the new cover of V Magazine. The NYC native and Voice judge has been skipping her makeup routine and showing off her flawless face for TV and now on the cover of V Magazine.“There’s nothing you could do to take away this unbelievably innate beauty that lives inside of you as a woman because we are the most spectacular creatures that were ever created. The most incredible thing is that all women are beautiful.”

Alicia also dished on motherhood and work

.“I think that it’s definitely tricky being a woman. You go to work, and it’s like, if you don’t put on makeup that day people say, ‘Oh, you look so tired!’ It’s not only the entertainment industry, it’s not only the film industry, it’s not only the fashion industry, it’s not only every job that anyone works at or every magazine that everyone has read, it’s a collective consciousness.”

Photo from PR Photos

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