Amber Rose Talks Being Bullied By Kanye West’s Fans!

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Amber Rose sat down with Sway on ‘RapFix’ and how Kanye’s fans would be mean to her and throw CDs at her after their breakup…awww!

No one knows what I’ve been through and the things that I had to deal with when, you know, Kanye made his album, and he talked reckless about me on his album. And then, you know, I have people throwing things at me in the street, because they’re fans of Kanye’s.

I’m just crying because, I don’t deserve to be bullied like that. I’m a nice girl, I don’t bother anybody and I keep my mouth shut because I don’t want any trouble. But to be bullied through music and stuff like that, it’s not fair to me. I don’t deserve that.

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