Did Idol’s Skylar Laine Get Dumped The Day She Was Eliminated?

Wow, what a jerk! Skylar Laine was not only eliminated last week on American Idol, but her boyfriend, Joseph also dumped her due to their struggling long distance relationship and money issues. And Skylar’s boyfriend did not like the Colton Dixon romance rumors.

Her boyfriend broke up with her on May 3 – the same day the aspiring singer was eliminated from American Idol, a source tells Life & Style.

“He called it quits because the distance was too much for him,” the source reveals to Life & Style. “Money was tight to fly out to LA to see her, so he dumped her so that she could focus on her career.”

A pal close to Skylar confirms the news to Life & Style.

“She did break up with her boyfriend,” the friend says. “She’s excited to go home to Mississippi and rest for a while before she has to start rehearsing for the Idol tour.”

Skylar had been dating her high school sweetheart, Joseph Dominick, for three years.

They hit a rough patch, however, after rumors flew that Skylar, 18, had begun dating fellow Idol contestant Colton Dixon, who was eliminated on April 19.

At the time, Skylar denied it. “We don’t want anyone dating,” she said. “That would be weird because they’re all our family!”

Joseph, 20, wasn’t happy about the romance rumors, though. And now that he’s out of the picture, “that opens the door for Skylar and Colton to get together on tour!” the source says.

Photo from FOX