Ashlee Simpson’s Father Joe Says Things With Pete Wentz “Were not right for a while”!

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Joe Simpson has been through this before…a daughter  and a divorce! But according to Joe he will be there for Ashlee just like he was there for Jessica. What else can he do!

Things were not right for a while,” Ashlee’s father, Joe Simpson says exclusively to OK!.

“Ashlee has lost weight in the last six months and was upset all the time. When she needed Pete, he was never around,” a friend reveals. “She basically gave up her career when she got pregnant with Bronx. She spent weeks alone; he went on with his life.”

A family friend adds: “Ashlee does have an amazing temper. She’s very spoiled and can be very dramatic. I’ve seen her screaming, slamming doors. She’s threatened to leave a million times.”

“We will never let our daughters be alone,” says Joe. “We are here to hug them and give them a shoulder to cry on.”


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