Azealia Banks Slams Barack Obama’s Decision For Possible Military Intervention in Syria

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Azealia Banks in Concert at Shepherds Bush Empire in London - October 12, 2012

First Lady Gaga and now the president of the US…Rapper Azealia Banks slams Barack Obama’s decision for possible military intervention in Syria claiming that the US will not have another black president if he invades Syria. Check out Azealia’s twitter rant below in which she tells America to mind its own business. What do you think?

So there’s no PROOF the Syrian gov used chemical weapons but the US, France, Britain & Germany have ‘high confidence’ they did….Obama threatens Syria, then Russia and Iran threaten to counter-attack if U.S or Israel attacks Syria…. (Am I following?)IF they did use weapons, America can’t let such a worldly crime go unpunished but now that Russia & Iran are promising to be involved…..And are kinda trying to (keyword:trying, {sort of} ) to punk Obama.. I really hope it doesn’t turn into some really diabolical ego race.

America should mind it’s business this time.For the World’s Sake….World War’s 3-10 are INEVITABLE… But can’t we just wait until AFTER I drop my album in January ? #reallywannabealiveforthat. And FORREAL, Obama is like the black American superman. He can’t ruin the end of his presidency with this.I THINK: If Obama invades Syria, America will never have another black president.The stuck up academics & crazy christian rightwing folk will find some clever crafty way to tie obamas blackness into cheapening his legacy.I see it now.

America loves sensationalism. My tweets about Obamas legacy and the situation in Syria are TWO SEPARATE THOUGHTS…… In case it’s confusing.OBAMA NOOOOOO

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