Divorce is such an ugly thing (The Usher/Tameka edition)

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Let’s just say I knew Usher would not last being married…I just knew it! It wasn’t the marriage part it was the Tameka part. I never saw them as a great couple…it just wasn’t there no matter how much Usher proclaimed his love for his wife on TRL. So two kids  later and here we are covering another divorce. And now it gets ugly!

According to TMZ,

According to the reports,Usher told the Johns Creek Police Department that on Sept. 10, he had a “verbal argument” with Tameka over the phone regarding weekend custody of their children.

Usher told cops that after the argument, he dropped his kids off at his mother’s house — but when he drove back to his home, Tameka showed up “demanding to take the kids.” Usher claims Tameka eventually left and he drove back to his mother’s house — but when Usher got there, Tameka showed up and began “knocking on the door” and making several phone calls to the residence.

Usher claims he and his mom ignored Tameka — and eventually called police. When cops arrived, Tameka was nowhere to be found.

The next day, Usher called police again after he noticed several scratches on his truck — Usher told cops he believed Tameka vandalized the car in retaliation for their fight just hours before.

In the police report, the responding officers who checked out the scratched car claim they found no evidence to support Usher’s accusation. The cops even reviewed the entrance log to Usher’s private neighborhood … but there was no record of Tameka ever getting into the area where the alleged crime would have taken place.

Oh the DRAMA! People please remember that there are children involved!

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