Best eyebrow shape for you

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I have been thinking about my eyebrows lately great shaped brows can totally make you look better even with no makeup on. In the past I have totally messed up my eyebrow. When I was younger in my teenage years I used to go to a local nail shop and get my nails and brows done (I never really looked at my brows to ensure that they suited my face…as long as there were done everything was allll right) . It wasn’t until college that I really looked at my brows to see what was my best brow shape for my face. I had a natural arch, it was nice but by then I had already overplucked them. Me and my brows have had a struggle ever since. Recently I bought a brow growth accelerator. It helped my hair grow faster so I could fix years of plucking. It has helped me to find my natural brow arch. Finally after years of struggle I have a brow that I am somewhat satisfied with. Now I know why people say to go to a professional. I plan to get this cute little brow kit by world renowned eyebrow specialist Anastasia. shows you how to match your face shape to your eyebrows.

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