Beyonce will have a child…when she has time to relax!

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Beyonce is Allure’s Feb. 2010 Cover Girl and she is Caliente…as always! Beyonce is an artist that I respect because she respects herself. You never hear bad things come out about B and she isn’t falling down outside of a club or getting a DUI. She is a wholesome girl…love that!

On her baby plans:

“I definitely want to have a child,” she says. “But I know from my nephew it’s a lot. I hope that those things will just happen naturally. I still haven’t had time to relax.”

On her music:


“I know that my niche is anthems, and I think that’s what I’m good at as far as songwriting,” she says about the type of music that has made her famous. “Probably the best songs I write are about relationships, and flipping the roles between women and men, and things that women go through. Growing up in a female group and in a hair salon, I have always been passionate about women. I just think we need each other, and the things that inspire me to write songs are things that I think women need to hear. I’m happy to be a voice, one of the many. I’m happy to be, in some way, a role model.”

On her fragrance:

“I grew up with my mother walking past, and you could smell the faint scent of her fragrance—it always gave me this sense of comfort. I just thought it was so beautiful that she would walk by and leave her scent.”

Photos from Allure Magazine

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