Black Friday is near…who’s getting ready??

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I have been going to stores on Black Friday for the past few years and its crazy how people get. In case you don’t know what Black Friday is…it’s the sale day after Thanksgiving. Every year the crowds get bigger and bigger and the time the stores open gets earlier and earlier. Stores used to open at 6am and now its 5am but you have to be on the line early so you’re already there at like 5 am (it’s insane). I usually go to stores like Staples, Best Buy and Target. I wish stores like Sephora would have these crazy sales. I think a lot woman (and some men) would go insane, but the sales would have to be good. Not like 20% because sometimes Sephora already gives out coupon codes like that. It needs be at something like 40% and up off of the original prices. Do you shop on Black Friday?

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