Do It Yourself beauty projects: Who’s doing them?

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I like do it yourself projects and I always have, but I wonder how many people have truly changed their spending habits due to today’s economy. I’m always thrifty but some people haven’t changed their views on spending. Some people continue to spend as if nothing has happened (you know the economy, stock market plummeting, mortgage problems, bank closing….all that good stuff doesn’t bother some people). I think no matter what your income is you should cut back on spending at least for right now. But I’m a big believer in saving money anyways.  In a recent article from the, “My Facial is Tastier than Yours“, the reporter Natasha Singer decided that she and some volunteers would try at home DIY facials (with only natural products from Trader Joes). Some of the facials were well received while the others were not. With money being scarce these days, have you tried any DIY projects…like Facials, Mani, Pedi or coloring your own hair?

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