BMX Star T.J. Lavin in Coma After Bike Accident!

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OMG, what a tragic accident…BMX rider T.J. Lavin was riding at a tour event and lost control of his bike and crashed and now he is in a medically induced coma…Hope he gets better!!!

According to TMZ,

T.J. Lavin — a BMX star and host of MTV’s “The Challenge” — is currently in a medically induced coma after losing control of his bike and crashing during a jump at a BMX event last night.

Lavin was competing in a Dew Tour event in Las Vegas — when he hit a dirt ramp, lost control, and slammed down onto the ground. Friends and crew workers immediately rushed to Lavin’s side, but he didn’t appear to be moving.

Lavin was rushed to nearby University Medical Center hospital … where he was placed into a medically induced coma.

We’re told Lavin is also experiencing brain swelling and is listed in critical condition.

Story developing …

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