Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake Tackle “Uncomfortable Sex Scene” in Bad Teacher!

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As you may already know Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake dated…like years ago ( from 2003-2007) before Jessica Biel, so everyone was surprised when it was announced that Justin and Cameron would be in a movie together (Bad Teacher)  and there would be a sex scene…OMG. So how did they handle it…hilariously…Cameron dished (via People),

“Yes, yes. It was just [an] absurdity, a form of hilarity for all of us involved. We went to work that day and said, what time do we start being ridiculous? … Eight o’clock? Perfect.”

The director, Jake Kasdan called the sex scene, “most uncomfortable sex scene in history,” but that Cameron and Justin were “buddies,”

“I guess the real truth is that they’re good friends … They’re buddies.”

“They got in there and started doing it,” says Kasdan. “And it was so funny, we just couldn’t stop shooting it. And we were doing it almost the whole day. And really crying, laughing at the monitors.”

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