Can beer fight frizz?

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In the latest issue of Glamour there was an tips article titled “Your Top Beauty Problems Solved”. One of the tips was to use dark beer on your hair after shampooing your hair and then rinsing out after two minutes and then conditioning the hair in order to fight frizz. I personally don’t like how beer tastes but putting on my head in a totally different thing. I guess it would be a cheap fix if it really works. I wonder how beer stops frizz, maybe it coats your hair in something…I have no idea! Another tip was to massage coconut oil on your scalp (Indian woman use this trick to keep their hair beautiful). I don’t know how I would feel about the oil so close to my roots (since my hair is fine in texture)…as long as it’s not olive oil which I think would make my hair look like an oil slick.

Would you pour beer all over your hair in order to fight frizz?

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