Can You Believe It Noxema Turns 100 This Year!

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Wow, talk about standing the test of time…Noxema turns 100 this year. Does anyone else remember Rebecca Gayheart washing her beautiful face for the Noxema commercial in the 90s…I sure do. Noxema was created in 1914 by a pharmacist and this year the beauty brand turns a century! Interesting fact the Noxzema name was coined after customers claimed the cream had “knocked out their Eczema.” No Eczema = NOXZEMA.  In the 1950’s Noxzema started marketing the product as a skin cleanser and cold cream after a company secretary realized how beautiful it made her complexion look Noxema may have an updated look, but the Original Deep Cleansing Cream still contains the brand’s signature eucalyptus-menthol fragrance…ohhh the tingling feeling, I remember it clearly.

I haven’t used the brand in a while…do you use Noxema?

Photo from NOXEMA


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