Exercise…yes you should do it!!!!

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I try to exercise but I get so bored. I know it’s good for my heart and my body. I could stand to lose a few (you know…Pounds…uhhhhh). I have been looking for different ideas in order to counter the boredom I get from repetitions I have to do.  I’m complaining, don’t mind me!!! I like going to the gym. I just wish I lived closer to the gym, so I can go more often. When I have my own house I am going to make my own gym (that way I have no excuse). Exercise doesn’t always have to be in the gym, it can be doing household work or walking, etc. I just get so lazy at home but I think that exercise should be essential for everyone. I feel better when I work out. I feel stronger and more confident.  Do you work out? How often?

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