Dove Launches New DermaSeries For Dry Skin

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Dove’s New Dry Skin Product Line

Dove launched a new product line, Dove DermaSeries, for those suffering from extremely dry skin. 1 in 4 Americans are living with a skin issue. This leads to feelings of shame, abnormality and isolation, and a lack of real care for those who suffer, particularly from extremely dry skin. Dove has an entirely new product line specificly for those with the driest skin.  It is a completely hypoallergenic and fragrance-free range of products that provides instant relief and lasting comfort for those with extremely dry skin.

Dove DermaSeries is different; containing the brand’s most efficacious formulas. Unlike existing treatments for dry and extreme dry skin, which are often heavy, leave behind residue and don’t fully absorb, Dove DermaSeries is both effective and luxurious, combining indulgent formulas that make caring for skin the enjoyable experience everyone deserves. Dove pioneered the mild cleansing revolution 60 years ago, and new DermaSeries builds upon that foundation with a focus on three factors:

  • Use of only the mildest skin cleansers
  • Focus on replenishment of skin-natural lipids
  • Luxurious textures that are a pleasure to use

These moisturizers help seal skin’s moisture, as well as activate PPAR’s (a protein found in skin) to replenish skin lipids and improve the quality of skin’s outermost layer. Dove DermaSeries is also on a mission to celebrate ordinary women who live with extraordinary skin. These women are at the heart of the Make peace with dry skin campaign and share their personal journeys to skin confidence. Because the more we talk about our experiences, the better chance we have of making peace with dry skin, and of proving that real beauty includes everyone.

Dove is launching a community for those with any type of skin condition. They can share their stories by visiting and creating their own #InMyOwnSkin image. To see the Dove DermaSeries Make peace with dry skin portraits and discover more about the real women stories, please visit

I do not personally suffer from dry skin, but my boyfriend has eczema and it does cause added stress, which makes it worse. A little itch can turn into a dry patch and before you know its all consuming. The winter months are no help either. And he is affected by it—covering up parts of his body that are exposed, so people won’t ask questions or see it.

Photo from Dove

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