Celeb weekend wrap-up

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Ashlee Simpson finally pops…she was pregnant forever!!! Jess is probably jealous People

Tyra grants Isis her dream Us magazine

50 cent upset again but at whom this time? I’m Not Obsessed

Ohhhhh is Katy Perry lying? Holy Moly

Madonna doesn’t care about Guy…I mean come on we all knew that!! People

Kim K in a bikini again The Grumpiest

The recession has hurt the Oprah show-you know it’s rough if Oprah isn’t giving away free stuff this year  I’m Not Obsessed

David Spade likes them blonde People

Rihanna has new TATS Derek Hail

What happened to Winona Ryder I’m Not Obsessed

Ashley Dupre must think we are dumb Celebitchy

Paris and Benji breakup—who didn’t see that coming!! I’m Not obsessed

Wow Beyonce and Jay-Z don’t need to worry about the recession I’m Not obsessed

OMG where is her belly button!! Dlisted

Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta or is it? I’m Not obsessed

and she is doing playboy!!! I’m Not obsessed

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