Celine Dion Put On Voice-Rest Until End of April!

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Celine Dion has been put on voice rest after after having some probelms with her vocal cords. She was found to have weakness in her right vocal chord, secondary to a viral illness.  All the concerts through March 18 will be cancelled. Celine will be back in June.

We regret to inform you that Celine performances through Sunday, March 18 at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace have been cancelled.

Following the difficulties that she experienced with her vocal chords last week, which resulted in cancelled weekend performances, Celine decided to seek further expert medical advice from one of the leading international authorities on laryngeal physiology, Professor Gerald Berke M.D., UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California.

Celine flew to Los Angeles on Monday afternoon and had a thorough examination at Professor Berke’s clinic.   He has diagnosed Celine with weakness in her right vocal chord, secondary to a viral illness.  Professor Berke has prescribed 6-8 weeks of voice-rest in order for Celine to completely recover from this condition.

“I tried to sing at my sound-check last week, and I had no control of my voice whatsoever,” said Celine.  “We thought that after a few days rest I would improve but it wasn’t getting any better…I guess it was worse than I thought.  I’m fortunate that I was able to see Professor Berke.    He identified what was causing the problems I was having, and he assured me that with the amount of rest he prescribed, I would be back to 100%.   Obviously this is the worst thing for a singer….not being able to do your shows.  I feel worse knowing that I’m disappointing my fans.  I’m so sorry…..I hope they forgive me.”

Celine’s next run of performances beginning June 9 through August 19 will proceed as scheduled.

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