OMG, Charlie Hunnam Talks About That Time A Bug Crawled In His Ear!

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam stopped by the Late Late show last night to promote his new movie, The Lost City of Z when he opened up about the terrifying time he found a bug in his ear! Charlie was in his hotel room while filming in Colombia when he woke up to something moving in his ear.

“I woke upon night with what sounds like a pneumatic drill in my ear, in intense pain. I’d been through this before once with a girlfriend, who had a moth stuck in her ear, so I immediately knew that something was in my ear canal.” But the actor didn’t want to bother anyone so he found a nasal irrigation device to kill the bug and he went to sleep only to be woken up again but the insect was still in his ear and then headed to the hospital. The bug bit a hole in his eardrum. “This thing had burrowed in and couldn’t get back out and so it decided it was going to eat its way through. It bit a hole in my eardrum. It wasn’t the greatest Saturday night of my life.” He still has a little trouble hearing!

Photo from PR Photos