Christian Chavez: Fight With Ex Over Tweet?!

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christian chavez TMZ

Christian Chavez, the Mexican soap opera star who wad involved in a fight  and arrest with his ex-boyfriend was over tweeting a photo of Christian dressed in women’s clothes. Sources tell TMZ, Christian confronted his ex-bf, Ben on Tuesday over a picture he posted on Twitter of Christian in drag in West Hollywood. Allegedly Christian was upset the photo would tarnish his image. Ben told police the couple split up two months prior but Christian was still staying at the home and was planning to move out. Ben says he woke up to Christian videotaping him and he got angry. Ben the broke Christians phones by hurling it against a wall and then Christian tried to do the same and then the men became physical –wrestling and punching. Ben says he tried to leave the apartment and Christian hit him in the back of the head and then he locked himself in the bathroom and called the police.

Photo from TMZ

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